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High school is the moment where you fall asleep in class and the teacher drops a book on your desk, and your soul jumps out your nose.
It's the moment when you forgot to do your homework, and class starts in 5 minutes.
It's when you stand around for five minutes trying to find someone to sit with at lunch.
It's when you get drunk or stoned and almost feel guilty about it. Almost.
It's the first time you have sex, and it really is that awkward.
It's the moment realize that you love books more than people and never want to leave your room again.
It's the moment you realize hipsters are taking over the world and you want to stab yourself in the eyes with a toothpick.
It's the third time you're taking your drivers test and hoping the third time really is the charm.
It's when you get your first job, and cry tears of joy at your first paycheck.
It's when the teacher asks you a question, but you have no idea what just happened and everyone is staring at you.
Its when you question your sexuali
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Emily the Hipster by InsomniaSong Emily the Hipster :iconinsomniasong:InsomniaSong 1 0 Tongue Pierced by InsomniaSong Tongue Pierced :iconinsomniasong:InsomniaSong 0 7 Bossomsauce by InsomniaSong Bossomsauce :iconinsomniasong:InsomniaSong 0 0 Grell Cosplay by InsomniaSong Grell Cosplay :iconinsomniasong:InsomniaSong 2 0
Punk Rock 101
My ears sting from stretching and ring from music too loud.
I sip from the bottle till it burns my throat, suck on the cigarette till my lungs fill with smoke.
My bones ache from skanking in the pit and the floor is shaking under my feet.
It's not just music. It's a life style. A religion. Once you're in, you're in for life.
The amps are popping, the guitars are screaming and we're jumping along with it; our aggression is buzzing just beneath the surface, wishing to break free. Our leader steps up to the mic and all hell breaks loose.
Punks not dead, it's sleeping drunk. Or so I've heard on the street.
:iconinsomniasong:InsomniaSong 0 0
He sits under a tree, the hood of his jacket pulled over his eyes. He hears the screaming and laughter of small children in the distance; school has just ended for the day. He watches from the cover of the low hanging branches as the children run to the playground; they pass the time on swings and slides until their parents arrive. Tears are streaming down his cheeks, staining his shirt but he takes no notice. All he hears is her voice calling to him from his memory. He shudders, trying to block out her words.
A clap of thunder startles him, offering the perfect distraction. Rain is falling. He zips his jacket up all the way and pushes off the ground. He turns away form the school and walks back towards the center of town, where he belongs. No one notices him as he passes by. He is merely a shadow, lost in a world lights. It's getting late and he knows he should go home, but he doesn't want to look into hopeless faces he'll see there. So he wanders aimlessly through the streets, his cl
:iconinsomniasong:InsomniaSong 0 3
It's a Secret
The taste of alcohol burns my throat as I do my 4th shot. We've been playing this game for an hour and since I'm on;y on my fourth-oh make that 5th-shot, I think I'm doing pretty well. I'm not even really sure why I'm here. I hate parties, especially ones thrown by obnoxious high school boys who invite mostly girls hoping to get lucky. But when Molly called saying she was going with Casey, I insisted on coming. More for damage control than anything else.  
So now I'm sitting at a table with Molly, Casey, Brent, Angela and two other boys that I don't know playing some stupid drinking game. I don't feel anything, no buzz, I'm not woozy. I'm fine. I look around the table; Molly looks a little flushed, Casey is fine, Brent is completely shit faced, so is Angela. The other two boys look completely sober and that makes me nervous because they are definitely eyeing Casey and Molly.
"Okay. Time to go. Casey, Molly come on." I stand up. Molly whines.
"Remy! Come on we just got here li
:iconinsomniasong:InsomniaSong 0 0
       She squats. Her elbows resting lightly on her knees and her hands clasped together in front of her face. Her eyes are staring intently at the wall in front of her. The things she sees aren't actually there; but she has the eyes of an artist, so she sees things no one else can. Whispers invade her ears: She's so weird. What is she doing? Freak. The insults fly at her like poisoned arrows, but none of them seem to touch her. Her eyes stay trained on the brick, the lines coming to life in her mind. Something hits her in the back of the head, breaking her trance. Paper ball. She thinks automatically. Her eyes break their contact with the wall for a split second, and when they returned her carefully constructed world had vanished. She sighs, her bangs billowing out of and back into her face. The hall way is empty when she gets to her feet and walks in the general direction of her class. A tune plays in her head and she hums while figments of her ima
:iconinsomniasong:InsomniaSong 0 0
Tolerance. It's Important.
Why is there so much hate? Hate for the people who are different. Hate for what we don't understand. Whether it's religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, weight, lifestyle, interests, EVERYTHING. If it's different, it's hated. It's distrusted. Deny it all you want, but I'll bet you've made a snide comment about someone who was different than yourself at least once. Why? Why do we spend so much energy on hate and anger? Hate and misunderstanding is costing us so much. Time. Peace. Lives. Maybe if we all just took a second to try to UNDERSTAND wars would end. Love saves Lives. Try it.
:iconinsomniasong:InsomniaSong 1 1
Candles Ch. 1
  The halls of Charrloten High were busy with student movement. Lockers slammed as students slowly made their way to their first classes; clogging the hallways with excessive chit chat. Camy trudged to her locker, stuffing her backpack into the slender metal box. She took out her schedule and reviewed it again. AP Literature it said. She blew her bangs from her face, only for them to settle right back into place. Grabbing a spiral and a pen, she headed to the opposite end of the building; the English Department.
  The classroom was still fairly empty. Camy headed to the back of the room and claimed her space. She had emailed all her teacher a week earlier to explain her situation. She just hoped they would understand. Or remember. The warning bell shrieked and students slowly filed into the room. The professor walked in after the late bell, his face flushed. Has he been running? Camy thought passively. "Hey guys. Sorry. I'm late. Don't be late. Just do
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Your voice is in my ears.
Your smile?
I see it when I close my eyes.
Your smell is on my clothes.
It's on my clothes.
And no matter how many times I wash them,
The scent stays.
You haunt my dreams and my thoughts.
I'd tell you to stop,
but I can't convince myself that's what I want.
I feel so stupid,
but I can't stay away from you.
:iconinsomniasong:InsomniaSong 0 4
Candles Preface.
Crisp autumn leaves swirled across the campus of Charlottan Private Academy. The only high school in the state that required attending students to live in dorms. A hoard of students walked across the greenery, heading to their assigned dorms or to catch up with friends after the long drawn out summer. Camy stared out her 4th story window, her eyes drifting lazily over the copious amounts of teenagers in the court yard. The shrill ring of a telephone pulled Camy from her trance. She stared at the machine, making no move to pick it up.
No one is available to take your call. Please leave a message after the tone.
Her mothers brisk voice came through the speaker of the answering machine. "Camy? Camy sweet, are you there?" She sighed "You're still not talking? Tsk. You can't live like this forever you know." Camy stared at the phone, her expression blank. The line disconnected; her mother hung up on her. Camy huffed, her bangs slid out of her face only to fall right back where they
:iconinsomniasong:InsomniaSong 1 0
We're on the roof. I sit; one of my knees pulled to my chest, my arms keeping it there. She stands, silent. Her eyes are fixed on the horizon. We don't say anything.  We don't acknowledge each others presence. I'm in deep thought; my mind reeling over her words.
She scaled the ladder to my roof and stood beside me. Both of us stared at the setting sun. She kept glancing at me as though she wanted to say something, but then thought better of it.
"What?" I said, not bothering to turn my head.
"….Don't you think we should stop this?"
"Stop what?"
She gestured at the air between us. "This. Y'know….us." Her voice wavered.
She hung her head; tears I didn't see spilled from her eyes.

I feel numb. Not hurt, just tired.
"Do you love me?" I ask; my voice flat, uncaring.
She doesn't respond. Doesn't even fucking look at me.
"Did you ever love me?"
Again, no response.
I sigh and pull a cigarette out of my pocket. Lighting it. Inhaling it.
"I'm leaving to
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Hey guys I'm Quinn. Queen of the Queers. 20 year old college kid with a lot of artistic tendency and no talent. I'm seriously in all this life shit for kicks.

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Hey guys. So I noticed I haven't been on or posted anything in literally forever. I bet some of you will get this and be like who the hell is this? I apologize for my lack of stuff. I'm not the greatest artist you see, so I don't have much to post. Sorry about that. But I assure those of you that know of my existence, I am alive and well. I will be creeping around in a subtle fashion, posting if I feel like I have anything to post. Thank you for your loyal patronage.
With much love,



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